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Tips for Moving with Pets

A study has found that nearly 57% of all US Households own a pet (7 out of 10 of these owners consider their pets to be part of their family). Here are just a few things to consider before moving day to make the move less stressful for you and your two-legged and four-legged family members.

Percentage of U.S. Households…….That Owns Dogs  38%.………..That Owns Cats 25%

Tip #1

Buy a new collar and tags with updated address information. Moving can be very scary for our pets. There is a lot going on, people coming in and out, often doors get left open.

Updated tags will help in making sure if lost, your pet will be returned to your new home.

Tip #2

Contact your Vet. Ask your vet to transfer updated records to your new vet. If you are undecided on where you will be taking them, ask your current vet for recommendations.

Tip #3

Buy or Borrow a Travel Crate. Make it comfortable for them with soft bedding that won’t slide around while being carried and stock it with their favorite toy. Also, including something with your scent on it can’t hurt either.

Tip #4

Treats. Have plenty of your pets favorite treats on hand to help ease their nerves on moving day.

Here at TeamPete Realty Services we understand all aspects of the buying and selling  process. If you are looking to buy or thinking about putting your home on the market our agents are here to help get you through the process. We offer two great locations for your convenience… Camp Hill, PA and Hershey, PA.




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  • I agree that you should move with your pet in a crate. I want to buy a new house with more backyard for my dog. I’ll have to find an agent to look at listings for me.

    • Mark Chidester
      Written on

      What area are you interested in? We can match you with an agent to help anywhere in the world!

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